Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rocky Mountain Oasis

Brooke has been sent west as a mail-order bride (which is better than living with her Uncle Jackson or Hank - both abusive). The problem is the man who bought her, Jason Jordan isn't much better. So his brother, Sky Jordan decides to save her from his cousin and rescue her from Jason by marrying her himself. Can he help her see that all men are not like those she has known and can she learn to trust and allow herself to care and love again? There is also the horrible murder that takes place in the town and the solving of the crime. It was interesting to read that the facts of the murder and the drama surrounding it were taken from a real life case in the history of the old west.This was a very good read. Sky Jordan is a dream come true type of guy. The action, suspense and drama of the book kept me reading and not wanting to stop. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hearts Awakening

This story revolves around two main characters. Ellie Kilmer, who has seen her marriage prospects pass her by while she cares for her elderly parents, and Jackson Smith, who has lost his wife through drowning and left him with his two young boys. Now one might think this is just another story like all the rest, Ellie helps out Jackson and they fall in love and end of story, but for me it was a much deeper story. What I liked about this story is that Ellie isn't a pretty girl and doesn't turn into a pretty woman in the story. She is a faithful and loving woman, who has had to love when she was unloved and show forgiveness time and time again for when she has been wrongly treated. A vital aspect to making their marriage work was communication and being honest with each other. It was a refreshing look at a story line I have read many different ways.

The Great Christmas Bowl

A lighthearted look at a family and how Christmas at their house is changing. It is about the Wallace home. Marianne is the Mom who is all about tradition and the family always being home for Christmas. But her kids are growing up and going their separate ways. It is also about football and how their youngest son, Kevin, goes out for the team his senior year. How Marianne ends up helping the team more than she bargained for, how her husband signs her up at church to head the hospitality committee and how she tries to keep it all together, even though her Christmas seems to be falling apart. A true to life story with alot of smiles and good times. I really liked how Marianne and her husband Mike interacted during the story. It was a delightful read.

Anchor Point

Don't let the cover keep you from reading this book. A very interesting book from start to finish. A country western superstar, Beau Hunter owns land adjacent to the original Taylor ranch, owned now by Taylor Abbott and her husband Tom. When Tom and Taylor attend Beau's big party at his ranch, Taylor and Beau end up discussing the ranches and when they end up going up to Taylor's abandoned house on her ranch they find themselves in big trouble. Without giving to much away, alot of the story takes place within a small closet, but you will not lose interest in the story, but will gain alot of love and respect for both Taylor and Beau. The ending was also not expected. I was pleasantly surprised by many things in this story and would highly recommend the reading of it.