Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is book two in The Western Sky Series and I liked it even more than book one, The Outlaw's Bride. This book can be read as a stand alone as it really didn't tie into book one at all.
Cade Kolby is a famous bounty hunter who has come back to a a town he left 15 years ago. His sister and her husband have died and Cade must go home to see to his nieces and nephews and find a home for them. Zoe Bradshaw has seen her best friend die and has now taken on the care of the four children. She assumes Cade will let her continue to care for them, but Cade has other plans. To make it more interesting Zoe loved Cade 15 years ago and has never really gotten over him. But she is a red-head and does have a temper and is a little angry at the man right now. The townsfolks step in and try to get these children both a mon and a dad, if they can just get Zoe and Cade to "talk it out".
  This was an enjoyable western romantic story, filled with "sparring" between Zoe and Cade. I    enjoyed Cade's teasing attitude, and Zoe held her own in the battle of the wills. It was just an all around delightful story that kept me very entertained.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

          This was a book that I closed the cover on when done, and just felt lighthearted and glad I read the story. Lori Copeland had the ability to write a story on how it is God who will judge people and in order to live with real peace in our lives we must let go and let God judge evil. Holding out for vengence will only destroy a person's life. But in the midst of this wonderfully written "lesson" this author wrote a lighthearted and tender romance between an "outlaw" and a lady.

Johnny McAllister is convicted of a bank robbery he did not commit and sentenced to be in a rehabilitation progrm in the home of Judge Proctor McMann, a man who believes in giving folks a second chance. Ragan Ramsey is the Judge's housekeep, cook and friend. Both the Judge and Ragan try to get Johnny to open up, but he is bent on only one thing; finding the man who killed his family when he was a youngster and killing him. But Johnny doesn't stand a chance against the mercy, friendship and love that is shown to him by the town and by Judge Proctor and Ragan. It was a tender romance set in the "wild West" and I loved all the characters in this story.

I had such fun watching the town try different tactics to get rid of the cowboys who would ride into town and shoot up the whole town. Their was humor and hard lessons to learn and I enjoyed myself all the way through to the end. This is book one in the Western Sky Series and I hope the next two are just as good as this story!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I rather enjoyed the "clueless" main character in this story, Reno Redfern, when it comes to understanding women. And I also enjoyed Chrissy Hamilton, the other main character and how hard she tried not to be "a damsel in distress". Chrissy finds herself single and with a new baby to raise by herself. Reno finds himself jumping in a car and going to California to try to persuade Chrissy to come and live in Dry Creek, Montana and let the folks of that small town help her raise her son. When Chrissy visited the town about 9 months ago she grew quite fond of the place and some folks are thinking maybe Reno could actually be the Dad. It was just cute and enjoyable watching these two try to "read" one another. Once again the folks in Dry Creek are a "hoot" and I really enjoy the way their minds work. Reno was fun to watch as he tries to understand women, one in particular, his "almost cousin" Chrissy. This was a short and quick story and very entertaining.

Monday, September 24, 2012

This was a fun story to read. I started reading this series with book 5 and although it alluded to other characters in the story that I am sure were stories from books 1-4, I didn't feel lost or confused by jumping in at book 5.

I thought the author did a fun job of beginning this story. Nicki Redfern wakes up dreaming about a handsome prince charming and "lo and behold" she looks out her window in the wee hours of the morning and sees a prince charming standing outside! (He is really a chauffeur but it was so much fun to read the whole scene taking place).

Garrett is the handsome prince charming and is doing a favor for a friend. He is a truck driver and not one who stays in one place very long, versus Nicki who is a small town girl who has no desire to leave town. It is fun watching the town folks "help" the romance along. This was a lighthearted romance that was fun to read. You know how it will end, but enjoy watching it all take place. The folks of Dry Creek will quickly grow on you. I look forward to reading more of the small town happenings of Dry Creek.

Friday, September 21, 2012

I liked this story. It had a little bit of history, took place "out West" in 1889, had romance, adventure and a good dose of seeing God's plan come together for many different people throughout the book. Julia Cavanaugh left New York riding the orphan train and delivering her girls across the west. At her final stop, Lonesome Prairie, she thought she would then be heading back East, but an unwanted "surprise" awaits her and she finds herself stuck in Lonesome Prairie, Montana. Isaac is the respected circuit preacher in this town who has a heart for the ministry and seeing lives changed. Even though his two sisters keep trying to find him a wife, Isaac has no plans to marry. Now you know where this is going to go, but to get to the ending that you are expecting there is alot that takes place. This isn't just a story of Julia and Isaac, but of several other characters in the book also. It was well written and gave a good idea of what it must have been like to live in Lonesome Prairie in 1889. A delightful adventure that is well worth the time it takes you to read it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A NEW NAME by Grace Livingston Hill

Grace Livingston Hill has been an author I have enjoyed reading for a long time. She does a great job of touching the "lives of readers. . . with the message of 'enduring love' and the true way to lasting happiness: a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ." This story does that, plus gives you people who are facing problems and learning triumph through them, along with a good dose of romance!

In this story Murray Van Rensselaer is a man who is wealthy and enjoys living for the here and now. He offers a lovely young woman who he hasn't seen in years, a ride in his car and that car rides results in Murray standing in the hospital listening to a nurse say, "The girl is dead". Murray runs away and finds himself in a small town where everyone has mistaken him for another gentleman who never showed up. While Murray "pretends" to be someone else, he realizes how much he would truly like to have 'a new name' and begin his life over.

Some may find this story slow in parts because Murray does alot of thinking in the story and not so much conversation and fast paced action, but I enjoyed myself and enjoyed the transformation of a man named Murray.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

OVER THE EDGE by Mary Connealy

Another fun-loving romantic story in the life of the Kincaid brothers. This story is centered around the youngest brother, Seth Kincaid (or is he really the youngest???). I love the way the author starts the book out from the very first pages with a captivating and exciting scene that captures your attention right away. Callie Kincaid has set off with her infant son to find the Kincaid brothers and maybe find her long-lost husband so she can "do him in" for just walking away from their marriage. Seth has survived alot in his life; a fire in a cave when he was young, the Civil War and all his battle scars, but one thing he will have to learn to survive is the temper he discovers in the wife he forgot he was married to. Callie is a woman who can take care of herself, but is longing for her husband to remember her. She is a lady who says what she feels and doesn't leave anyone guessing on what she is thinking. This man and wife are a joy to watch as they learn to know and love each other all over again.

I liked the whole series and how each story tied into the next one. Yes, you could read it as a stand alone, but you will miss out on alot if you don't read the whole series in order. The covers on the books also were a big draw for me and very well done. But most importantly the story line was full of characters that made you smile, espcially the Kincaid brothers.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NORTHERN HEARTS by Paige Lee Elliston

I found myself wanting to wrap up in a blanket while reading this book, because the author does a great job of making you feel you were there when the winds blow and the snow falls and the storm comes to Alaska. Anthropologist Tessa Rollins gets an offer she can't refuse; a chance to study the Inuit people in the remote regions of Alaska. She falls in love with its beauty and faces the dangers head on. She finds herself a part of a very rigorous expedition with 5 other people in the dead of Winter and that is when the exciting adventure really begins. It will turn into a life and death struggle. On the expedition are two men who both want to win her heart. Who will she choose? This is one ending I wasn't sure which way it would go until the very end and I must say I enjoyed the way it ended.

This is a great Alaskan adventure that isn't all about the romance, but more about the people who choose to live and love Alaska for many different reasons. This is the closest I will probably ever get to experiencing the isolation and ruggedness of living in a small town in Alaska, but is was a story that will stay with me for awhile because it was very well written. I loved the cover of this book and was captivated by the story also.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Jess Holden is a cowboy who doesn't think he will ever get married because of his horrible childhood. Then he rescues Gabi Newberry from a flash flood near Mule Hollow, Texas. Gabi is a veterinarian's assistant, granddaughter to one of the matchmakers in Mule Hollow, who has "come home" to start a new life for herself as a new believer. She is spunky, full of life, laughter and love and has Jess rethinking the whole love and marriage idea. But when Gabi shares some of her sordid past with him it could end the love relationship that has just begun.

I loved Gabi in this story. She was fresh, honest and full of life. The impact of alcohlism in this story and how many lives it touched in differing ways makes one realize how awful it is for those who have lived or are living through it. But I loved the hope that Gabi showed; that you can be free from the addiction if you place your faith and trust in the Lord . This was a great romantic story, but it had a good message of forgiveness and hope with it. This is book two in the Mule Hollow Homecoming Series. I look forward to reading more in this series!

Friday, September 7, 2012

TEXAS RANGER DAD by Debra Clopton

A complicated past comes to a quick, present situation when former Texas Ranger Zane Cantrell shows up in Mule Hollow to live and work. He came to see if the only girl he ever loved (and then left to protect her from harm) could still have feelings for him many years later. What he is about to find out is he has a son he never knew about.

Rose Vincent has been living in Mule Hollow with her 14 year old son Max, and making a new life for herself after fleeing a husband who abused her. They are finally making a life for themselves. When she runs into Zane her world is turned upside down. She must now share her secrets with her son and try not to let her heart love again a man who left her when she needed him most. The problem is the whole town, including her son, really wants to get these two together. It is fun to watch, but there is also always a truth to realize in these stories. As the author states in her letter at the end, "I believe we must embrace today and use our past, be it good or be it bad, to make us stronger. If we don't then we aren't helping ourselves and we certainly aren't helping God's purpose for our lives." This wasn't certainly true in "Texas Ranger Dad".

There was humor, heartache, romance and lessons to be learned. I had a good time and also always enjoy reading about the other folks (and animals) in Mule Hollow that I have met from reading the other stories in this series.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


First off I would like to say that the cover alone would draw me in to read this story. But I am already hooked on reading all the books in this Mule Hollow series, so regardless of the cover I would have read this story. Mule Hollow, Texas is just a town the romantic at heart will fall in love with.

Sugar Ray Lenox (what a name!) has only one dream - to make it big in Hollywood. One way she thinks she can maybe get noticed is to move to Mule Hollow (where a good friend of hers lives) and open up a "summer stock theatre" and be the leading role. She finds the perfect place for it, an old barn that isn't being used, but belongs to a rancher, Ross Denton. Ross has been raised in the "performance industry" in Branson, MO and came to Mule Hollow to begin a new life of living and working his ranch. He wants no part in turning his barn into a theatre. But you have no idea how persistant Sugar Rae can be, and how attracted Ross is to her. The sparks fly and it is fun to watch! Another fun and fulfilling story in this series.

Monday, September 3, 2012

HER BABY DREAMS by Debra Clopton

Another good story taking place in Mule Hollow. Ashby Templeton has moved to Mule Hollow in the hopes of falling in love, getting married and having a baby. There is just one cowboy though she has no interest in, Dan Dawson. Dan is a cowboy who likes everyone and seems to flirt with all the ladies in town and Ashby wants no part of him. But to Dan, Ashby is a challenge he can't let go of. Dan could make all of Ashby's dreams come true, but first they both need to understand each other, instead of irritating each other.

This was another delightful story taking place in Mule Hollow. The "Mule Hollow Matchmakers" are alive and well in this story also. The town is such a good place to go and enjoy oneself and when my books come to an end, I will miss this place. But I still have more stories to go!! (As a side comment - I didn't think the cover of this story matched the story. By the cover you would think there would be a cute little baby involved in this story, but there is not; there is though the dream of a cute little baby.)