Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This is book 5 in this "Daybreak Mystery" series and I must say this author has a gift of weaving a "spell-binding story of faith, love and suspense".  At one scene I was almost holding my breath waiting for the "evil" man to appear in the house.  These stories all have Daniel and Jennifer Kaine in them, but in most of the stories they aren't the main characters.  In this story Daniel and Jennifer come to the mountains of Kentucky to do a workshop at a music festival.  They are staying with a good friend, Mitch Donovan, who is a professor in the small town of Derry Ridge.  Mitch has a dear older lady living close to him named Abby, who no one knows much about as Abby herself can't seem to remember her past.  But there is someone watching Abby and waiting to make his move to silence the lady before she remembers her past.  There is also a tender reuniting of Mitch and the love of his life, Freddi,  that left Derry Ridge years ago.  There is something for everyone in this story.

Three things I appreciated most in the story: 1) Freddi realized - "Gradually I began to realize that Christ had been my Savior for years - but I hadn't wanted Him as my Lord.  He had never really been first in my life."  How true that is for many of us.  We all need to reach the point where we can say, and mean it, that if we lost everything we would still have Someone "at the very center of my life who would be enough".
2)Jennifer realized - "I don't have to do anything great or fantastic or newsworthy or world-changing. . . just as long as it's pleasing to you Lord... just let me be pleasing to you." and 3) I learned to really appreciate these words to a great hymn, "On Christ the solid Rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand. . . All other ground is sinking sand."

Get ready for a suspenseful love story, with an ending that will literally "sweep you away" as the floods come and threaten the town.  It was terrifying for awhile, very sad for awhile, very tense for awhile, but all ended well.  Jump in and enjoy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Another good mystery and suspense romance story in this Daybreak Mystery series. Daniel and Jennifer Kaine once more find themselves in a mystery of why someone is out to harm their deaf friend Whitney.  Someone dressed up as a clown first tries to abduct her from the carnival they were attending and from there things just get worse instead of better.  A man named Michael comes into the story with very little background as to who he is, except for his desire to protect Whitney.

This was a very good suspense story with a very disturbed person as the man who wants Whitney for evil and not for good.  The caring and concern Whitney had for Michael and Michael for Whitney was very lovely and enjoyable to read.  I find myself reading and not wanting to put the book down until I see how it will all end.  There is one more book in the series and I look forward to see what trouble the Kaines find themselves in next.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Another good suspenseful story in the Daybreak Mystery series.  This story takes place mainly during a snowstorm at a camp that is being watched over by two couples (which you meet and get to know very well as you read books one and two).  They think they are the only ones around until Jason, Daniel and Jennifer Kaine's adopted son, says he saw two small children in the woods.  They believe he has imaginary friends until the children are found.  When they discover why the kids are hiding and realize the danger they are all in the storm is raging outside.  Gabe and his wife Lyss leave in their 4 wheel drive for town to get help, their phone lines are down, and they run into trouble.  Daniel and Jennifer also run into trouble and the story keeps you turning pages to see how it will out turn out.  It was a book I found hard to put down as it was intense at times.

I think this whole series would make for a great  movie.  Daniel and Jennifer keep getting themselves in trouble and it is interesting watching them get out of it.  Especially interesting is the fact that Daniel is blind.  I love the way the author handles his blindness and how well Jennifer works with him.  And their son Jason is great and Daniel's dog Sunny is also endearing.  These stories are quick reads and always full of adventure, suspense and love.  Daniel and Jennifer have a  faith that is real and so is their love for each other and those around them.  There are two more books in the series and I am looking forward to reading them!

Friday, June 14, 2013


This is book two in the Daybreak Mysteries and picks up shortly after where book one leaves off.  I would recommend you read book one, "Storm at Daybreak",  first as it helps you get to know the couple (Daniel and Jennifer) who seem to be the thread through each of the other stories.  This story was full of mystery and suspense, where I wasn't sure until the very end just exactly who to trust.

Daniel and Jennifer Kaine are enjoying their honeymoon on a lakefront cottage when they stumble upon Vali Tremayne's house.  She was a former contemporary Christian music star who has gone into seclusion when she lost her fiance in a mysterious plane crash 3 years ago.  They quickly become friends and then all 3 of them find themselves targets of someone who is out to do them harm.  Vali has two men friends who are trying to help her, one by getting her back into her music and the other by shielding her from anything and anyone.  Both of these men seem to have something to hide.  It was one of those stories where you think you know the good guy and the bad guy but just aren't 100% sure until near the end of the book when it all comes to light.  Looking forward to seeing what suspenseful adventure Daniel and Jennifer find themselves on next.

As a note, this title and cover has been revised and the new title is "The Captive Voice" which I think fits the story line much better!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This was just an all around good story.  The book says that the author "weaves spellbinding stories of faith, love and suspense" and this is a very good description of what this story was like.  Jennifer Terry accepts a position as executive assistant at a Christian Radio Station.  Her employer is Daniel Kaine, who was blinded in a car accident by a drunk driver.  Jennifer finds herself really liking her new employer and is astounded by how well he accepts the fact that he is blind.  She is struggling with how a sovereign God can let bad things happen to good people.  Then there is the person who for some reason is out to do Daniel harm and it all climaxes in a life and death situation.

I really liked the wisdom that came from Daniel as he tried to help Jennifer and  one example was "Jennifer, He will never, ever give you less than His best for your life.  Even when it involves loss or suffering or a broken heart, He knows exactly what He's doing."  Daniel kept a journal of his thoughts as he "bounced back" from the realization that he would never see again.  Near the end of the story Jennifer gets a chance to read it and his thoughts in his journal for me was worth the whole story.  Of course Daniel's tender feelings for Jennifer throughout the book were also very romantic and sweet.  I just closed the book wishing for more and guess what?  There are 5 books in the series so I am on to book 2, "The Domino Image"!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

DAPHNE DEANE by Grace Livingston Hill

This is another classic Grace Livingston Hill story.  A story of a young man who grew up and away from his values and beliefs that he had as a child.  He finds himself in a world of money and social status.  But when he goes back to his home town to sell his parents home he finds himself remembering what he left behind and realizing how important it really is to him and how superficial his life is now.  He meets Daphne in his hometown and she is one of the reasons that Keith Morrell starts to rethink his life.

Even though this story was first written in the 1930's,  it is very applicable to today and what people struggle with.  It is not a fast paced story, although there is some danger and intrigue in it and a tender love story too.  I have long been a fan of this author and her writing style.  She always makes her stories have obvious "good" and "evil" in them and she also incorporates Christian values and principles in her stories.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Two things drew me to read this story.  One, the beautiful cover they put on this book and two, the author, who is a favorite of mine.  She loves to write about adventure on the open sea and this book was another great adventure.  I will say that at the beginning you are given a list of characters and it seemed daunting to me to keep track of everyone as I started to read.  But keep going, because each character will become familiar to you and the further you read, the better the story gets.

Colonel Blake Wallace is leading and organizing a group of people to the country of Brazil to begin a new colony.  The war between the North and the South has just ended and this is a group of Confederate people who no longer want to live under the rule of the Yankees. Eliza Crawford is a widow and was a Confederate army nurse who was married to a Yankee general (but no one knows that yet).  There are a list of more people you will get to know but these two are the central part of this story.  They both have strong feelings for one another but when it is discovered that she was married to a Yankee most folks on the ship want her thrown overboard.  Eliza though is someone who is always willing to help those in need regardless of how she is treated.  The Colonel has a hard time forgetting and forgiving and I appreciated the flawed characters and the way the importance of forgiveness was stressed in this story.  There was no lack of adventure, danger, intrigue and romance in this story.  It left itself wide open for other stories in this series as the colony lands in Brazil and begins their new adventure.  Looking forward to reading more in this series.

The bio on this author at the back of the book says "her passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but open people's eyes to their God-given potential."  I would say this books hits that mark!  So come aboard and be prepared for some rough seas ahead.