Friday, June 14, 2013


This is book two in the Daybreak Mysteries and picks up shortly after where book one leaves off.  I would recommend you read book one, "Storm at Daybreak",  first as it helps you get to know the couple (Daniel and Jennifer) who seem to be the thread through each of the other stories.  This story was full of mystery and suspense, where I wasn't sure until the very end just exactly who to trust.

Daniel and Jennifer Kaine are enjoying their honeymoon on a lakefront cottage when they stumble upon Vali Tremayne's house.  She was a former contemporary Christian music star who has gone into seclusion when she lost her fiance in a mysterious plane crash 3 years ago.  They quickly become friends and then all 3 of them find themselves targets of someone who is out to do them harm.  Vali has two men friends who are trying to help her, one by getting her back into her music and the other by shielding her from anything and anyone.  Both of these men seem to have something to hide.  It was one of those stories where you think you know the good guy and the bad guy but just aren't 100% sure until near the end of the book when it all comes to light.  Looking forward to seeing what suspenseful adventure Daniel and Jennifer find themselves on next.

As a note, this title and cover has been revised and the new title is "The Captive Voice" which I think fits the story line much better!

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