Monday, July 29, 2013


This was a very well written, thought-provoking look at how far someone might go to silence the Christian voice in our country today.  This was not my usual genre of story lines that I read, but I must say it held my interest all the way through and when I closed the book I was just a little amazed at how much some folks want to do away with biblical views of how our world began.  This is not a "romance" book for those of you who know how much I like to read romance, but a book filled with suspense, mystery and intrigue.  It deals quite a bit with the science of evolution verses the science of creationism.  It was a story I will be thinking of long after I have finished it.  Good job Julie Cave!  I will definitely be reading more or her work, but right now I need to "clear the mind" by reading something a little lighter.

FBI agent Dinah Harris was once at the top of her game at the FBI, but her world came crashing down one day and since then she has struggled with alcohol abuse and depression.  But she has been given a "second chance" by involving her on a case where the prominent Secretary of  the Smithsonian, Thomas Whitfield, has vanished.  Her and her partner will eventually discover his body and will be drawn into a "frightening conspiracy" as they continue to find more people dying who could help them with their case.  What they uncover, and how high it goes in the political world will truly give you pause to wonder, "could this really happen"??  Regardless of the answer to that question, I take great comfort in knowing that "my God reigns" over all!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

NOT HER TYPE by Lisa J. Crane

Another great story by Lisa Crane.  It was fun, very romantic and a complete work of obvious fiction, but I wish there were  more true godly men like this story portrayed who have convictions in their life and stand by them.  Although the story line is around protecting a lady from a stalker by hiring an agent from Cooper Security, it was a lot more fun and enjoyable than the story line would have you to believe.

Nick Rodgers is an agent with Cooper Security.  He is a Christian who thinks he knows God's plan for his life and where he will find that perfect match for him and it isn't by guarding Logan Callahan, who he sees as someone way out of his league.  Logan doesn't like the way her life has been "taken over" by Nick and his demands.  So when they find themselves forced to flee to an isolated cabin and stay there for awhile they must try to get along.  Logan helps Nick heal after someone took at shot at him and then Nick helps Logan when she falls and sprains her ankle.  The fun part of the story for me was watching them both be clueless to how the other one was feeling or thinking.  Could two people misunderstand each other more?  I don't think so.  Nick doesn't have a clue how to respond to Logan and I loved how the author brought back the two main characters in "Not His Type" to try and help Nick out when he struggles with how to talk to Logan.  It was just a fun story for me to read and I loved every minute of it!


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and all it taught me about the worship of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The author drew from Scripture and set forth very simple and practical thoughts on what true worship is and how to use what we know and live out  the commitment to worship our God.  It does require commitment, but as you read you will be encouraged and inspired to follow after that commitment.  As it is stated on the back cover of the book, "We were created to worship Jesus Christ.  We were created for Him, to become something like Him in order that He might find pleasure in us."  I was very glad  to have read this book and learned from this author.  Now I need to put into practice those things I have learned!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A HAND TO HOLD by Kathleen Fuller

This was book 3 in the "A Hearts of Middlefield" series.  You could easily read it as a stand alone story, but they do have people from the first two stories in this book, so it is helpful in knowing those people better if you read the books in the order they were written.  This story starts off with Zach Bender driving truck into the school house that Ruth Byler is in and setting up for her first day of teaching in the Amish schoolhouse.  Zach has always been known for getting into trouble growing up in the Amish community and Ruth has been known as the "good girl" who always wanted to teach school.  They are now thrown together literally and these two opposite people will find themselves getting to know each other and helping each other through difficult times.  But there is also another story going on with two other folks in this Amish community that I thought was just as interesting and special.  A young woman returns for her mother's funeral, who left the community because she got pregnant and never got married.  Now she returns and life is not easy for her on the farm, but one man befriends her and together they just might have a future.

This was a well written story with what I thought was an honest look at the Amish community and their thoughts and lifestyles.  A story about faith, forgiveness, love and sorrow.  I enjoyed each of the stories in this series and thought this author had a good grasp of the people she was writing about.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BETRAYAL IN PARIS by Doris Elaine Fell

 WOW! Reading this book was like watching a modern day movie full of intrigue, mystery and romance!  It was a bit scary and sad to think that solid people working for our government could really be betraying our government.  But there are always those whose job it is to find the betrayer and see justice done.  As it was quoted in the beginning of this book by Sir Walter Scott, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"  That is what this story was all about,  men in a tangled web because they thought they could deceive people.  This was a gripping story that unfortunately could probably really happen.

The Winters family have been victims of a betrayer.  First the Dad and now the brother, who the family thinks is now dead.  But 27 year old Adrienne Winters, the daughter and sister sets out for Paris to find out what really happened to send her father home from Paris, and why her brother who went to Paris over 10 years ago never came back but was told he was killed on foreign soil in Kuwait.  There Adrienne will find more than she expected.  There will be international conflict, family secrets revealed, romance blossom and most importantly God's strength and provision will be revealed and relied upon.  Be prepared to read a very thought-provoking story that will take you around the world.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

THE PROMISE LAND by Kathleen Karr

This story picks up right where book one left off.  It is the Spring of 1846 and Johnny and Maggie Stuart, and their son Jamie and little girl Charlotte are on the Oregon Trail, headed for "the Promised Land" of Oregon Territory.  Maggie has just been freed by Johnny from her brief capture by the Pawnee Indians, which you can read more about in book one, "Gone West".  As they continue on this journey Maggie will see her husband turn into a man who takes chances and who becomes a real leader among the people on this wagon train.  Maggie has to learn to adapt to this new husband and to adjust to each new adventure along the way.  There are more Indians, more trials along the way, more sorrows and joys.  To me it was a realistic look of the hardships and the bonding of friends as these people all struggle together to arrive at their new home in Oregon.  What a challenge it must have been for these folks and this author did a great job of making you understand a little bit of what it must have been like to be a part of the  journey on the Oregon Trail.  I highly recommend you read book one first as "Gone West" is where this story really begins, and "The Promised Land" is where the journey ends (for now).

Friday, July 19, 2013


This is book three (and I believe the final story) in this series and it was a really good series!  I found myself really getting to know the people in these stories and understanding their struggles, joys and challenges.  It is set in the late 1880's in Texas and you really get a feel for the town, the country and the lifestyle of the people then. It was a time when people had a lot of spirit and strength and a reliance upon their God.

In this story Callie Roberts finds herself living in Eagle Pass, Texas with her brother, her only family member still alive after a steamboat explosion several years earlier.  Callie is dealing with guilt from the accident and seems to believe it was all her fault.  Micah Neville is a quiet steady rancher who tries to help out his cousin Dan by "inheriting" a baby boy from a woman who claims Dan is the father.  Callie and Micah will be brought together as Callie helps out Micah with the baby.  But there are two many secrets in both Caleb and Callie's life and it can either draw them closer when the truth is revealed or pull them apart.  This story has a wonderful romantic side to it, but there is so much more to the story than romance.  I would hope everyone would start with book one and read all 3 stories in the series and see for yourself what a great job this author has done.

Monday, July 15, 2013


This is book 2 in the Lone Star Legends series and I liked it just as much as the first book.  It brings together two people who desire love and acceptance and when they finally find it in someone they have a hard time accepting the plans God has for them.  It is a story that takes you through many challenges and hardships.  You will have a stagecoach robbery,  spend some time on a cattle drive, enjoy the good times and the bad times with people you will come to care about.  It truly is an adventure in the small community of Eagle Pass in 1888, where book one also took place.  This could easily be read as a stand alone, but it is such as enjoyable adventure, you will want to start at the beginning with book one, "Beautiful Bandit" and keep on reading till you finish the series.  I am on to book three now, "Unbridled Hope".

Excerpt taken from the back cover of this book: "Levee O'Reilly and her husband, Dr. Liam O'Reilly, are headed from Boston to Mexico to set up a medical clinic when their stagecoach is attacked by the infamous Frank Michaels, who kills Liam.  All alone now, Levee makes her way to Eagle Pass, Texas, where she turns to teaching for her livelihood.  Rancher Daniel Neville has battled doubts and distrust for most of his life.  . . . Dan dedicates himself to serving his family and working with horses on their ranch.  Marriage is far from the top of his to-do list.  Can these two mavericks accept the plans God has for their lives?"

Thursday, July 11, 2013


This was a great start to what I hope continues to be a great series.  In this story set in Texas in 1888, you will find Joshua Neville, a quiet Texas rancher in a bank doing some business when he witnesses a bank robbery that leave 3 dead.  But what was most shocking is that people are saying a woman was part of the "gang".  Then you meet Kate Wellington who must adopt an alias and try to flee to Mexico because she has escaped a gang of ruthless bank robbers who had forced her into a bank heist.  Josh stumbles across her hurt and helpless and seeks to care for her and take her home to heal before helping her find a way to Mexico.  The problem is he doesn't know she is bank robber Kate Welligton, but abused and running from danger, Dinah Theodore.  Watching them come to care for each other amid difficult times was a joy.

I liked the family dynamics at the Lazy N Ranch where Joshua lives and I liked the way the family embraced and welcomed Kate(Dinah).  Kate had once trusted in the Lord but her pa's death and the tragedies that followed in her life left her turning her back on Him.  She will come to realize that she survived all the tragedies in her life because the Lord strengthened her and sustained her.  When she thought He had abandoned her she comes to realize that He'd been there all along, loving her and guiding her and protecting her.  Bad things do happen to folks for reasons we will never know, but the underlying theme was that God will never forsake or abandon you.  I liked the way this author weaved that message through this story.  As the author herself said in the beginning of her book, "the Almighty called me to write faith-based fiction.  My goal with every story is to provide you with entertaining, exciting, Spirit-filled tales that feature characters who, just like we do, face tragedy and trauma . . and work their ways toward grace by following the pure, bright light of God's mercy and love."  Well done Loree Lough! Looking forward to book two next, "Maverick Heart".  Saddle up and be prepared to enjoy getting to know the "Beautiful Bandit"!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

AN UNWILLING GUEST by Grace Livingston Hill

I have long been a fan of Grace Livingston Hill books.  As a teenager I grew up reading her books off my grandmother's library shelves.  One of the reason I enjoy her stories is because of her purpose for writing: "It wasn't long before Grace was a well-known author, but she wanted to go beyond just entertaining her readers.  She soon included the message of God's salvation through Jesus Christ in each of her books.  For Grace, the most important thing she did was not write books but share the message of salvation, a message she felt God wanted her to share through the abilities he had given her."

In this story we read of a New York society lady who ends up spending what she is planning to be a boring Summer in a small town visiting her Aunt.  But when her Aunt becomes ill Evelyn Rutherford must stay with a neighboring family.  Who could know the impact the Grey family would have upon this worldly young woman.  Their faith, goodness and quiet happiness would have a lasting impression upon her.  You never know how and when you will be called upon to make a difference.  The oldest daughter in the Grey family, Allison, has a hard time sharing and caring about Evelyn and for me the real impact was watching her struggle to be the kind of person God would want her to be.  There is also a tender love story intermixed within this story, but watching the changes in both Evelyn and Allison was truly the best part for me.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A TEXAN'S CHOICE by Shelley Gray

The author, Shelley Gray, did an excellent job on this series of stories.  I liked them all and also loved the covers on these books.  This story kind of brought a lot of the characters from all the books together.  You can easily read it as a stand alone, but you miss out on a lot of background by not reading the other two first.

Scout Proffitt arrives in West Texas to take over a farm he won in a gambling game.  He is a known hired gunslinger who just wants to put his past behind him and live a normal life.  When he arrives he finds the family (a mother and two daughters) getting ready to bury the husband who has just past away.  The mom and one daughter leave and because of bitterness in their heart, leave behind also the one daughter, Rosemarie, to fend for herself.  Scout is now stuck with a woman who is very determined to stay and help him out around the farm.  It was a very tender endearing part of the story to see these two people fall in love and each help the other one through their doubts and fears.

There was also other stories going on in this book, and all three situations come together as you keep reading. There is Miles Grant who is trying to run his ranch, keep rustlers from harming his animals or men and keep his housekeeper happy by finding a wife.  Then there is Russell Champion and his friends who are trying to find Scout and do a job that would finally free the men from being "wanted" by the law.

There was a lot going on in this story, but I thought it all came together very well and thoroughly enjoyed myself reading all three stories in this series.  Can a hired killer turn around and make something of himself.  Sure he can.  It helps though if he has someone who believes in him and truly cares for him.  It also helps that he has family that never gave up on him and prayed for him.  God does answer prayer, but sometimes it just takes a little longer than we had hoped.  Saddles up, sit back and enjoy the ride!