Thursday, July 11, 2013


This was a great start to what I hope continues to be a great series.  In this story set in Texas in 1888, you will find Joshua Neville, a quiet Texas rancher in a bank doing some business when he witnesses a bank robbery that leave 3 dead.  But what was most shocking is that people are saying a woman was part of the "gang".  Then you meet Kate Wellington who must adopt an alias and try to flee to Mexico because she has escaped a gang of ruthless bank robbers who had forced her into a bank heist.  Josh stumbles across her hurt and helpless and seeks to care for her and take her home to heal before helping her find a way to Mexico.  The problem is he doesn't know she is bank robber Kate Welligton, but abused and running from danger, Dinah Theodore.  Watching them come to care for each other amid difficult times was a joy.

I liked the family dynamics at the Lazy N Ranch where Joshua lives and I liked the way the family embraced and welcomed Kate(Dinah).  Kate had once trusted in the Lord but her pa's death and the tragedies that followed in her life left her turning her back on Him.  She will come to realize that she survived all the tragedies in her life because the Lord strengthened her and sustained her.  When she thought He had abandoned her she comes to realize that He'd been there all along, loving her and guiding her and protecting her.  Bad things do happen to folks for reasons we will never know, but the underlying theme was that God will never forsake or abandon you.  I liked the way this author weaved that message through this story.  As the author herself said in the beginning of her book, "the Almighty called me to write faith-based fiction.  My goal with every story is to provide you with entertaining, exciting, Spirit-filled tales that feature characters who, just like we do, face tragedy and trauma . . and work their ways toward grace by following the pure, bright light of God's mercy and love."  Well done Loree Lough! Looking forward to book two next, "Maverick Heart".  Saddle up and be prepared to enjoy getting to know the "Beautiful Bandit"!

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