Monday, July 29, 2013


This was a very well written, thought-provoking look at how far someone might go to silence the Christian voice in our country today.  This was not my usual genre of story lines that I read, but I must say it held my interest all the way through and when I closed the book I was just a little amazed at how much some folks want to do away with biblical views of how our world began.  This is not a "romance" book for those of you who know how much I like to read romance, but a book filled with suspense, mystery and intrigue.  It deals quite a bit with the science of evolution verses the science of creationism.  It was a story I will be thinking of long after I have finished it.  Good job Julie Cave!  I will definitely be reading more or her work, but right now I need to "clear the mind" by reading something a little lighter.

FBI agent Dinah Harris was once at the top of her game at the FBI, but her world came crashing down one day and since then she has struggled with alcohol abuse and depression.  But she has been given a "second chance" by involving her on a case where the prominent Secretary of  the Smithsonian, Thomas Whitfield, has vanished.  Her and her partner will eventually discover his body and will be drawn into a "frightening conspiracy" as they continue to find more people dying who could help them with their case.  What they uncover, and how high it goes in the political world will truly give you pause to wonder, "could this really happen"??  Regardless of the answer to that question, I take great comfort in knowing that "my God reigns" over all!!

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