Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A TEXAN'S CHOICE by Shelley Gray

The author, Shelley Gray, did an excellent job on this series of stories.  I liked them all and also loved the covers on these books.  This story kind of brought a lot of the characters from all the books together.  You can easily read it as a stand alone, but you miss out on a lot of background by not reading the other two first.

Scout Proffitt arrives in West Texas to take over a farm he won in a gambling game.  He is a known hired gunslinger who just wants to put his past behind him and live a normal life.  When he arrives he finds the family (a mother and two daughters) getting ready to bury the husband who has just past away.  The mom and one daughter leave and because of bitterness in their heart, leave behind also the one daughter, Rosemarie, to fend for herself.  Scout is now stuck with a woman who is very determined to stay and help him out around the farm.  It was a very tender endearing part of the story to see these two people fall in love and each help the other one through their doubts and fears.

There was also other stories going on in this book, and all three situations come together as you keep reading. There is Miles Grant who is trying to run his ranch, keep rustlers from harming his animals or men and keep his housekeeper happy by finding a wife.  Then there is Russell Champion and his friends who are trying to find Scout and do a job that would finally free the men from being "wanted" by the law.

There was a lot going on in this story, but I thought it all came together very well and thoroughly enjoyed myself reading all three stories in this series.  Can a hired killer turn around and make something of himself.  Sure he can.  It helps though if he has someone who believes in him and truly cares for him.  It also helps that he has family that never gave up on him and prayed for him.  God does answer prayer, but sometimes it just takes a little longer than we had hoped.  Saddles up, sit back and enjoy the ride!

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