Friday, December 30, 2011

ACCUSED by Janice Cantore

This was a story that left you guessing till the very end on who you could trust and who you couldn't. I like that in a book, where you just aren't sure about how it will all play out in the end. This was a new author for me and as she was in law enforcement before writing you get a real feel for what is happening in this book; it seems very real and true to life as you are reading.

Carly Edwards is a police officer doing her job and enjoying what she does. When the mayor in her city is killed and one of the suspects asks for her and swears his innocence Carly must try to figure out why everything around her seems to be missing pieces. Her ex-husband Nick, who Carly is trying hard to ever trust again when it comes to her heart, is someone she feels she can trust on this bizarre case she finds herself in. Caught between a fellow officer who seems to have gone bad, and other officers who she now works with, who seem to want to "break some rules", Carly must try to make some sense out of her life, her beliefs and her job. Carly is a lady who I came to understand and care for in this story. She is levelheaded, yet confused; she fights hard against her Mom's "religion" and later finds others who seem to share those same beliefs. She will find her life in danger as well as those she loves. I had a hard time putting this book down and enjoyed myself till the very end. It is suspenseful and thought-provoking and well worth the time to read. Looking forward to the next story in this Pacific Coast Justice Series. Good job Janice Cantore!

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers, who thru NetGalley sent me this copy to read and review.
Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (February 1, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1414358474
ISBN-13: 978-1414358475

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This book may be small in size, but it has had a big impact on me as I read it. If I could I would buy a copy for all my friends and give it to them to read. As the subtitle states, it is all about keeping the gospel the main thing in our lives. This author did a good job of defining legalism in his book, of explaining the difference between justification and sanctification, and of giving practical ways we can all keep the cross the center in our everyday lives. This is one I will be reading again, and hopefully sharing with others. I highly recommend everyone read this book. It doesn't take long to read through the book, but I encourage anyone reading it to slow down and just soak up what is being said.

GOD GAVE US LOVE by Lisa Tawn Bergren art by Laura J. Bryant

This was a pleasing to look at, pleasing to read book that packs alot of learning about love in to its few short pages. I liked 1) the fact that Grandpa was doing the teaching, 2) that Grandpa was fishing, playing, resting and doing all sorts of activities with his grandchild, while teaching him about love, 3) that the pages were bright and beautiful and fun to look at, and 4) that the explanation of love was given in a way that a child could understand. I felt both Lisa Bergren and Laura Bryant did an excellent job! I am looking forward to reading this with my grandchildren. I thank LibraryThing for sending me this book to review.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Although the story line was cute, this was not a book I can recommend. It was along the line of a Harlequin romance (which I don't read any more) and the characters just didn't have the values I believe in (a bedroom scene played out by two unmarried people is not something that is right, nor something I want to read about). I am sticking to my values, which are generally played out in Christian fiction. I was needless to say disappointed as I was enjoying this story and felt irritated, sad and upset that the author had to compromise the characters near the end of the story by sleeping together and not even feeling guilty by it. In this day and age there might be alot of people who are doing this and not feeling there is anything wrong with it, but my standards, which come from God's word, the Bible, say this is not to be and I totally agree! Therefore, this will not be a book I will keep on my shelf or in my Kindle.

Monday, December 26, 2011

SARAH'S SONG by Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury's "Red Glove Series" were 3 books I am glad I took the time to read. Each one had a precious lesson to learn on love and I really enjoyed how red gloves were worked into each story. In Sarah's Song we learn about Sarah Lindeman who is in a retirement home and doing her annual review of her "12 days of Christmas", which is a look back at the "moments" in her life that left a deep impact (good and bad). This year though Sarah wants to leave her story with someone and make a difference in their life. Beth works at the retirement center and Sarah wants to reach out to Beth and help her through whatever seems to be hurting her (which is a marriage that is falling apart). Through Sarah's song and her ornaments, Beth comes to understand the secret to love. I fell in love with Sarah and her story and she just seemed so real to me. Her love for Sam was so precious and dear and her story just touched my heart. Although there is alot of heartache and sorrow in this story, there is also alot of love and rejoicing in how God works in the heart and lives of people. I am very glad I took the time to read the "Red Glove Series".
You don't have to read them in order because each book stands alone in its story.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

MAGGIE'S MIRACLE by Karen Kingsbury

This is the second book in the Red Gloves Series and I am really enjoying them. Megan is a lady who has lost her belief in true love. She is climbing the corporate ladder and finding no time for her son Jordan. Then one day Jordan writes a letter to God and asks his Mom to mail it. She reads it and realizes how much Jordan needs a Dad and how lonely he is. So. .. she connects with a Manhattan Children's Organization which connects children who need an adult to connect with and do things together. Casey Cummins is trying to get over the tragic loss of his wife and child. He decides working with this Children's Organization might help fill the void in his life. So you can see where this is leading, but the journey there is very precious and heartwarming. You feel the loss of each of these families and hope that the miracle of love will bring them together. I read this book in one evening because one, it is a short story, but two it was hard to put down once I started it. It was a very tender story with a very happy ending.

Friday, December 23, 2011

GIDEON'S GIFT by Karen Kingsbury

This may be a small book, but it is a story of a little girl who has a large heart when it comes to loving and sharing and concern for others. It was a story that brought to me many different emotions as I was reading it. It is a story of hope and believing in miracles at Christmas and seeing them happen.

I liked the way the story started and then flashed back in time and then flashed back in time again. Earl is a man who gave up on life and finds himself living on the streets; and it took Gideon, a little girl struggling with a life threatening disease, to help bring him back to God. Gideon and her family were a joy to read about and even though they had their struggles, they had each other and that is what really mattered. I read this in one evening and when I finished I came away from reading this book with a desire to reach out to others the way that Gideon did. What a remarkable little girl she was.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A PRAIRIE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION by Peterson, Bateman, Raney, Griffen, Grote, Langer, Mindrup, Spaeth, & Stengl

These 9 short stories all take place in the open prairies of Minnesota, Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Kansas in the late 1800's. You will weather winter storms, meet winter challenges on the prairie, and find joy and love during the Christmas Season. Although each story is short, they all seemed very complete and I didn't feel hurried through any of the stories. You will will find yourself enjoying some stories more than others, although I felt they were all worth reading. They were filled with warmth, inspiration and faith. A good book to sit by the fire, wrapped in a blanket, and enjoy during the Christmas season.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

LONGING by Karen Kingsbury

Another two thumbs up on this newest book in the Bailey Flanigan Series. There is such a wide variety of people in these stories and you feel like you know them all so well (if you read the books as they were written). It is a story of family and friends, of love and commitment, of seeking to put Christ first in a person's life and decisions, even when tough times come.

In this story Bailey finds herself enjoying more and more the company of Hollywood's sought after actor, Brandon Paul. She still thinks about the guy, Cody Coleman, who she thought she would spend the rest of her life loving, and wonders why he has walked away from her life. Brandon Paul though helps ease the pain of loss as he falls head over heels for Bailey. Cody, meanwhile is leading his high school football team to State Finals and trying to forget Bailey and stand by a good friend as she goes through tough times in her life. But Cody and Bailey do come face to face with each other and they both have a chance to share what is on their heart. I won't ruin anything here, but just say that even though I may not have liked the direction this story is going in, I understand why things are progressing as they are. Karen Kingsbury is a great writer and the people she writes about come alive on the pages of her book. I can't wait to see how this series ends!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I CAN SEE THE SHORE by Michael Dawson

This was a great sequel to Michael Dawson's first book, "Growing up Yanomamo". He continues to share his life, his struggles, his heartaches and his adventures with you. Here is a person who has lived with great sorrow and can from experience let you know of the hope and joy that is possible in Christ. As the back of the book says, "I Can See the Shore brings to life a little known world of shaman, rituals, and secret initiations of the stone-aged culture of the Yanomamo tribe. Walk with Mike Dawson as he shares the Gospel and deals with his own personal life and death situations.

I would highly recommend you read book one first, although this story can be read by itself, you will just get alot more of his background by reading the other book first. Be ready to enjoy!

Monday, December 12, 2011

THE CHRISTMAS BRIDE by Grace Livingston Hill

Back cover description: "When he first saw her, Margaret McLaren was sitting on a park bench ouside his hotel room window. Suddenly she collapsed and Gregory Sterling, newlyminted milionaire, was driven to save her from starvation and despair. It seemed like a miracle, this perfect stranger giving purpose to his fortune, meaning, to his life. Until Margaret disappeared . . and Gregory Sterling set out to bring her back for good."

This was another story written by Grace Livingston Hill that brings out a stark contrast between good and evil, between those who live for the world and those who live for the Lord and the joy that can be had by living for Him. A tender love story with a fairy tale ending.

Friday, December 9, 2011


This was an enjoyable sweet romance that takes you inside the Amish community where things are slower paced and life seems more simplistic. I have read other books that dealt with the Amish people, but this one seemed to represent a people who had a great love for their family and acceptance of each other, even when things were discovered that weren't necessarily "the Amish way of doing things".

Annie Weaver has been gone from her community for 3 years, where she has lived with her Aunt in Philadelphia, where Annie has become an RN. She finds herself quickly returning home when she finds out her father is in the hospital. She helps nurse him back to health and ends up helping out in her community with her skills. One thing she hadn't planned on though was the growing feelings she has for Samuel, a local farmer who has some medical training and helps out the folks when ill. They don't hit it off at first, but you know they are going to and it is a joy to watch it happen.

I thoroughly enjoyed Annie's family members and felt the author left herself wide open to do more books hopefully in a series about some of the other characters in this book, as there were many that I would love to know what became of them. I did feel I was dropped into this story, like I was in book 2 or 3 of a series. I felt more details were needed for how and why Annie left her home and ended up in Philadelphia. And I would have loved to known Samuel before his tragedy of losing his wife and daughter. This was an enjoyable Christmas read and a book you can curl up on the couch and just enjoy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

COWBOY CHRISTMAS by Catherine Palmer, Lisa Harris & Linda Goodnight

Three nice short stories with cowboys and Christmas in them all. They all three dealt with how a person can change; with forgiveness, trust, love and the ability to find love in the most unexpected ways. I enjoyed myself reading these three stories around this time of year, Christmas!

A quick summary that is found on the back of the book for each story is as follows:
"A Rancher's Heart - Victoria Jennings is in desperate need. But when she returns to her parents' ranch, she discovers that it's now being run by Jesse Conroy - the man whose heart Victoria broke when she snubbed him years ago. Now Victoria finds herself falling for Jesse, but can Jesse take a chance on trusting her with his heart again?"
"Undercover Cowboy - Pinkerton detective Cole Ramsy has been hired to investigate a rancher suspected of sabotaging his neighbors' property. But Cole's investigation my be compromised when he falls for Abigail Covington, the rancher's daughter."
The Outlaw's Gift - When drifter Seth Blackstone shows up at Raven Patterson's homestead, Raven thinks this may be the solution to all her problems. But Seth's mysterious past is about to catch up with him and could mean disaster for them both."

Monday, December 5, 2011

THE SHOE BOX by Francine Rivers

This small little book had alot of delightful recipes, a story, a Bible reading and thoughts from the author. Though the story was short, it was very meaningful and the recipes were inviting and I enjoyed reading the Christmas story from the Bible passages she printed. Would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone dear to you.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

ONE PERFECT GIFT by Kathleen Morgan

This was a nice Christmas story. It had a good message of forgiveness and the hurt that happens to you when you don't. Jessie and her young daughter Emma find themselves far from Baltimore, in Culdee Creek, Colorado, where she thought she was taking on a job as a nurse. Upon arriving in town penniless and nothing to return home for, she finds herself not even having the job she thought she had. So she ends up working for the MacKays at Culdee Creek, helping Abby recover from a stroke. "In the course of just hours she finds herself going from a devastating change of plans to a sense of acceptance and ease with a family of total strangers. Well, almost all of the family. There was always Sean MacKay." Sean had lost his reputation and his honor in the war. He also lost his best friend, the respect of his friend's family and he had lost the love of his wife (who is now deceased). He has very little hope left in him. So Jessie and Sean start off on the wrong foot, but gradually they both start to see how the need for forgiveness is so needed before they can begin to love again. A story of God's one perfect gift, His Son, and how He can work all things together for good. I enjoyed the story although I felt the story was rushed along, without a chance to get to know all of the characters very well.

Friday, December 2, 2011


This was my second Deeanne Gist book I have read and I just continue to enjoy her style of writing. When I pick up her book I know I am going to enjoy myself until I put the book back down (which I have a hard time doing until the book is finished). This story was fun to read but also showed just what someone was willing to give up for true love. It is in the 1860's in Seattle, Washington that Joe Denton is living as a lumberjack who dearly loves his job and his land. But he will lose half of it unless he finds himself a wife. Enter Anna Ivey who thinks she is journeying to Seattle to be a cook for lumberjacks, never realizing a wife was part of the bargain. This was Joe's description of what he was looking for: "Honesty. Practicality. Nothing flighty or fragile. She'd need to be able to handle cooking for his lumber crew." What Joe ended up getting was a feisty young lady who had no intention of marrying. But things don't always turn out the way we plan and both Joe and Anna learn this lesson. Joe was a big burly lumberjack with a heart of gold. He has to learn how to pursue or date a lady and it is fun to watch. This story made you appreciate the life of a lumberjack and the people who cook for them. The weather in Seattle is also something that would take some getting used to. There was humor, hardship and romance and I thoroughly enjoyed myself all the way through this book. Good job Deeanne Gist! And thanks for the note at the end, how you inserted real life people, situations and stories into this book.


I had fun reading this story of the "foxy four" ladies who work together and how the "theory of Six Degrees of Separation" tied them all together in their dating life. These four ladies were a joy to get to know and especially Tabby and her guy, Jagger. As the author states "we all need a little light-hearted escape" and that is what this book was for me. This is a story about discovering that anything can happen! And that when looking for love, no one is perfect, BUT that everyone is perfect for someone! A romantic fun story that had me smiling most of the way through. What does a Professor, a diver, a man in the military and a business man/blues singer have in common? Four foxy ladies! Now you have to read the book and enjoy how it all comes together!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This was a short romantic story that was fun to read. The story of two people, Adam and Cora, who both found themselves falling for each other, until secrets were revealed and Cora walked away, hurt by what Adam never revealed to her. Now months later, Adam is sent by Cora’s stepfather to guard her from possible danger on a cruise she is about to embark on. Cora needs to learn to forgive, let go of her bitterness towards her stepfather and learn to trust in Adam. Adam puts his heart out there in hopes that Cora would not walk away from him again. I enjoyed this easy read by Wendy Davy; only wish the story would have lasted longer. She is a favorite author of mine.