Tuesday, December 6, 2011

COWBOY CHRISTMAS by Catherine Palmer, Lisa Harris & Linda Goodnight

Three nice short stories with cowboys and Christmas in them all. They all three dealt with how a person can change; with forgiveness, trust, love and the ability to find love in the most unexpected ways. I enjoyed myself reading these three stories around this time of year, Christmas!

A quick summary that is found on the back of the book for each story is as follows:
"A Rancher's Heart - Victoria Jennings is in desperate need. But when she returns to her parents' ranch, she discovers that it's now being run by Jesse Conroy - the man whose heart Victoria broke when she snubbed him years ago. Now Victoria finds herself falling for Jesse, but can Jesse take a chance on trusting her with his heart again?"
"Undercover Cowboy - Pinkerton detective Cole Ramsy has been hired to investigate a rancher suspected of sabotaging his neighbors' property. But Cole's investigation my be compromised when he falls for Abigail Covington, the rancher's daughter."
The Outlaw's Gift - When drifter Seth Blackstone shows up at Raven Patterson's homestead, Raven thinks this may be the solution to all her problems. But Seth's mysterious past is about to catch up with him and could mean disaster for them both."

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