Friday, December 2, 2011


This was my second Deeanne Gist book I have read and I just continue to enjoy her style of writing. When I pick up her book I know I am going to enjoy myself until I put the book back down (which I have a hard time doing until the book is finished). This story was fun to read but also showed just what someone was willing to give up for true love. It is in the 1860's in Seattle, Washington that Joe Denton is living as a lumberjack who dearly loves his job and his land. But he will lose half of it unless he finds himself a wife. Enter Anna Ivey who thinks she is journeying to Seattle to be a cook for lumberjacks, never realizing a wife was part of the bargain. This was Joe's description of what he was looking for: "Honesty. Practicality. Nothing flighty or fragile. She'd need to be able to handle cooking for his lumber crew." What Joe ended up getting was a feisty young lady who had no intention of marrying. But things don't always turn out the way we plan and both Joe and Anna learn this lesson. Joe was a big burly lumberjack with a heart of gold. He has to learn how to pursue or date a lady and it is fun to watch. This story made you appreciate the life of a lumberjack and the people who cook for them. The weather in Seattle is also something that would take some getting used to. There was humor, hardship and romance and I thoroughly enjoyed myself all the way through this book. Good job Deeanne Gist! And thanks for the note at the end, how you inserted real life people, situations and stories into this book.

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