Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Although the story line was cute, this was not a book I can recommend. It was along the line of a Harlequin romance (which I don't read any more) and the characters just didn't have the values I believe in (a bedroom scene played out by two unmarried people is not something that is right, nor something I want to read about). I am sticking to my values, which are generally played out in Christian fiction. I was needless to say disappointed as I was enjoying this story and felt irritated, sad and upset that the author had to compromise the characters near the end of the story by sleeping together and not even feeling guilty by it. In this day and age there might be alot of people who are doing this and not feeling there is anything wrong with it, but my standards, which come from God's word, the Bible, say this is not to be and I totally agree! Therefore, this will not be a book I will keep on my shelf or in my Kindle.

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Sherry Kuhn said...

Good review Judy. Appreciate your information, although it's too bad 'cause it sounded like a good story.