Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This book may be small in size, but it has had a big impact on me as I read it. If I could I would buy a copy for all my friends and give it to them to read. As the subtitle states, it is all about keeping the gospel the main thing in our lives. This author did a good job of defining legalism in his book, of explaining the difference between justification and sanctification, and of giving practical ways we can all keep the cross the center in our everyday lives. This is one I will be reading again, and hopefully sharing with others. I highly recommend everyone read this book. It doesn't take long to read through the book, but I encourage anyone reading it to slow down and just soak up what is being said.

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Steve said...

Have you heard what Mahaney has admitted doing and that he has stepped down as leader of Sovereign Grace Ministries? It looks like at best Mahaney is an exampe of do as I say vs. how he does.

The worst thing is how Mahaney blackmailed the cofounder of their group Larry Tomczak and that Mahaney hid this sin for 13 years.

A few blogs to look at are:

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