Saturday, December 3, 2011

ONE PERFECT GIFT by Kathleen Morgan

This was a nice Christmas story. It had a good message of forgiveness and the hurt that happens to you when you don't. Jessie and her young daughter Emma find themselves far from Baltimore, in Culdee Creek, Colorado, where she thought she was taking on a job as a nurse. Upon arriving in town penniless and nothing to return home for, she finds herself not even having the job she thought she had. So she ends up working for the MacKays at Culdee Creek, helping Abby recover from a stroke. "In the course of just hours she finds herself going from a devastating change of plans to a sense of acceptance and ease with a family of total strangers. Well, almost all of the family. There was always Sean MacKay." Sean had lost his reputation and his honor in the war. He also lost his best friend, the respect of his friend's family and he had lost the love of his wife (who is now deceased). He has very little hope left in him. So Jessie and Sean start off on the wrong foot, but gradually they both start to see how the need for forgiveness is so needed before they can begin to love again. A story of God's one perfect gift, His Son, and how He can work all things together for good. I enjoyed the story although I felt the story was rushed along, without a chance to get to know all of the characters very well.

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