Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This is book 5 in this "Daybreak Mystery" series and I must say this author has a gift of weaving a "spell-binding story of faith, love and suspense".  At one scene I was almost holding my breath waiting for the "evil" man to appear in the house.  These stories all have Daniel and Jennifer Kaine in them, but in most of the stories they aren't the main characters.  In this story Daniel and Jennifer come to the mountains of Kentucky to do a workshop at a music festival.  They are staying with a good friend, Mitch Donovan, who is a professor in the small town of Derry Ridge.  Mitch has a dear older lady living close to him named Abby, who no one knows much about as Abby herself can't seem to remember her past.  But there is someone watching Abby and waiting to make his move to silence the lady before she remembers her past.  There is also a tender reuniting of Mitch and the love of his life, Freddi,  that left Derry Ridge years ago.  There is something for everyone in this story.

Three things I appreciated most in the story: 1) Freddi realized - "Gradually I began to realize that Christ had been my Savior for years - but I hadn't wanted Him as my Lord.  He had never really been first in my life."  How true that is for many of us.  We all need to reach the point where we can say, and mean it, that if we lost everything we would still have Someone "at the very center of my life who would be enough".
2)Jennifer realized - "I don't have to do anything great or fantastic or newsworthy or world-changing. . . just as long as it's pleasing to you Lord... just let me be pleasing to you." and 3) I learned to really appreciate these words to a great hymn, "On Christ the solid Rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand. . . All other ground is sinking sand."

Get ready for a suspenseful love story, with an ending that will literally "sweep you away" as the floods come and threaten the town.  It was terrifying for awhile, very sad for awhile, very tense for awhile, but all ended well.  Jump in and enjoy!

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