Saturday, June 8, 2013

DAPHNE DEANE by Grace Livingston Hill

This is another classic Grace Livingston Hill story.  A story of a young man who grew up and away from his values and beliefs that he had as a child.  He finds himself in a world of money and social status.  But when he goes back to his home town to sell his parents home he finds himself remembering what he left behind and realizing how important it really is to him and how superficial his life is now.  He meets Daphne in his hometown and she is one of the reasons that Keith Morrell starts to rethink his life.

Even though this story was first written in the 1930's,  it is very applicable to today and what people struggle with.  It is not a fast paced story, although there is some danger and intrigue in it and a tender love story too.  I have long been a fan of this author and her writing style.  She always makes her stories have obvious "good" and "evil" in them and she also incorporates Christian values and principles in her stories.

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