Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ACCORDING TO THE PATTERN by Grace Livingston Hill

The author, Grace Livingston Hill, "creates thrilling stories of inspiring, wholesome people whose hearts cope triumphantly with the problems of life and love." (Quote taken from the back cover of this story.)  Very well said and an excellent description of this author's writing style.  In this story you see how a young wife tries to save her marriage when she accidentally see her husband taking a stroll in a carriage through the park with another woman.  In today's society it would just mean a nasty divorce.  But this woman, Miriam Winthrop, sets out to change and try to better herself and save her marriage.  When her husband starts to see what a fool he has been, will it be too late for the both of them.  A tragic tale of how easily we can let a good marriage slip away when we don't give attention to and cherish what we have.

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