Saturday, August 10, 2013


This was a story about an airline stewardess, a pilot and a lot of fly time, which was very appropriate as I was reading it on my flight home from Florida.  The book dated itself a little by talking about serving meals on the plane and stuff but I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I read this romantic, fun-filled story about staying true to your ideals when looking for that special someone to share your life with.

 I thought the "book description" from Amazon did such a good job of giving you an idea of what the book was truly about that here it is: "After logging thousands of hours in the air, flight attendant Robbie Mallory is quite adept at resisting the charms of men who are only interested in casual flirtation. So when Captain Tyler "blue-eyes" Lang showers her with his attentions, Robbie is sure he regards her merely as his latest conquest and she tries to ignore him. With a good head on her shoulders and a secret dream of forever love, Robbie does not intend to lose her heart to the Romeo of the friendly skies. But when she and Ty are scheduled on the same flight to Bermuda, even her well-built defenses can't keep her heart safe. Despite her happiness, Robbie can't shake nagging suspicions about Ty. Had she made a mistake in falling in love with him?"

If you like to fly and get away for a few hours, then pick up "Love Takes Flight" and enjoy a romantic get-away!

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