Wednesday, September 5, 2012


First off I would like to say that the cover alone would draw me in to read this story. But I am already hooked on reading all the books in this Mule Hollow series, so regardless of the cover I would have read this story. Mule Hollow, Texas is just a town the romantic at heart will fall in love with.

Sugar Ray Lenox (what a name!) has only one dream - to make it big in Hollywood. One way she thinks she can maybe get noticed is to move to Mule Hollow (where a good friend of hers lives) and open up a "summer stock theatre" and be the leading role. She finds the perfect place for it, an old barn that isn't being used, but belongs to a rancher, Ross Denton. Ross has been raised in the "performance industry" in Branson, MO and came to Mule Hollow to begin a new life of living and working his ranch. He wants no part in turning his barn into a theatre. But you have no idea how persistant Sugar Rae can be, and how attracted Ross is to her. The sparks fly and it is fun to watch! Another fun and fulfilling story in this series.

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