Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I rather enjoyed the "clueless" main character in this story, Reno Redfern, when it comes to understanding women. And I also enjoyed Chrissy Hamilton, the other main character and how hard she tried not to be "a damsel in distress". Chrissy finds herself single and with a new baby to raise by herself. Reno finds himself jumping in a car and going to California to try to persuade Chrissy to come and live in Dry Creek, Montana and let the folks of that small town help her raise her son. When Chrissy visited the town about 9 months ago she grew quite fond of the place and some folks are thinking maybe Reno could actually be the Dad. It was just cute and enjoyable watching these two try to "read" one another. Once again the folks in Dry Creek are a "hoot" and I really enjoy the way their minds work. Reno was fun to watch as he tries to understand women, one in particular, his "almost cousin" Chrissy. This was a short and quick story and very entertaining.

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