Monday, September 24, 2012

This was a fun story to read. I started reading this series with book 5 and although it alluded to other characters in the story that I am sure were stories from books 1-4, I didn't feel lost or confused by jumping in at book 5.

I thought the author did a fun job of beginning this story. Nicki Redfern wakes up dreaming about a handsome prince charming and "lo and behold" she looks out her window in the wee hours of the morning and sees a prince charming standing outside! (He is really a chauffeur but it was so much fun to read the whole scene taking place).

Garrett is the handsome prince charming and is doing a favor for a friend. He is a truck driver and not one who stays in one place very long, versus Nicki who is a small town girl who has no desire to leave town. It is fun watching the town folks "help" the romance along. This was a lighthearted romance that was fun to read. You know how it will end, but enjoy watching it all take place. The folks of Dry Creek will quickly grow on you. I look forward to reading more of the small town happenings of Dry Creek.

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