Monday, September 3, 2012

HER BABY DREAMS by Debra Clopton

Another good story taking place in Mule Hollow. Ashby Templeton has moved to Mule Hollow in the hopes of falling in love, getting married and having a baby. There is just one cowboy though she has no interest in, Dan Dawson. Dan is a cowboy who likes everyone and seems to flirt with all the ladies in town and Ashby wants no part of him. But to Dan, Ashby is a challenge he can't let go of. Dan could make all of Ashby's dreams come true, but first they both need to understand each other, instead of irritating each other.

This was another delightful story taking place in Mule Hollow. The "Mule Hollow Matchmakers" are alive and well in this story also. The town is such a good place to go and enjoy oneself and when my books come to an end, I will miss this place. But I still have more stories to go!! (As a side comment - I didn't think the cover of this story matched the story. By the cover you would think there would be a cute little baby involved in this story, but there is not; there is though the dream of a cute little baby.)

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