Thursday, September 27, 2012

          This was a book that I closed the cover on when done, and just felt lighthearted and glad I read the story. Lori Copeland had the ability to write a story on how it is God who will judge people and in order to live with real peace in our lives we must let go and let God judge evil. Holding out for vengence will only destroy a person's life. But in the midst of this wonderfully written "lesson" this author wrote a lighthearted and tender romance between an "outlaw" and a lady.

Johnny McAllister is convicted of a bank robbery he did not commit and sentenced to be in a rehabilitation progrm in the home of Judge Proctor McMann, a man who believes in giving folks a second chance. Ragan Ramsey is the Judge's housekeep, cook and friend. Both the Judge and Ragan try to get Johnny to open up, but he is bent on only one thing; finding the man who killed his family when he was a youngster and killing him. But Johnny doesn't stand a chance against the mercy, friendship and love that is shown to him by the town and by Judge Proctor and Ragan. It was a tender romance set in the "wild West" and I loved all the characters in this story.

I had such fun watching the town try different tactics to get rid of the cowboys who would ride into town and shoot up the whole town. Their was humor and hard lessons to learn and I enjoyed myself all the way through to the end. This is book one in the Western Sky Series and I hope the next two are just as good as this story!

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