Monday, November 21, 2011


This was just like watching a funny and romantic "chick flick". It had alot to say about those who sleepwalk, who knew this affected so many people. I had a good time reading this story. Of all the things Suze should be remembered for (her work with animal rescue, her master's degree, or her volunteer mission work for her church) she is most known for her chronic sleep walking by her family and friends. And some of her excursions while sleeping tend to be very funny. During a business trip she meets sleep disorder specialist David Grant - while she in on one of her sleepwalking excursions. He tries to get her to seek help, but she has "tried it all before". Her "terror twin" nephews, her rescued needy animals and her trying to keep it all together make for a great fun, and romantic experience. It is a quick read and makes me smile just thinking about the story after I have finished it.

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