Thursday, September 12, 2013

RIVALRY & ROMANCE in Mammoth Spring, AR by Regina Tittel

This is a short story which can easily be read in one sitting.  There are two other stories that deal with the Tolivar sisters in Mammoth Spring, AR.  (They are Whims & Wishes by Jamie Adams and Friends & Foes by Mildred Colvin.)

 Regina Tittel writes books "to uplift and encourage each individual while also entertaining them with a great story".   In all the stories I have read of hers so far, they all accomplish that goal.  I would have wished though that this story would not have been so short.  There was so much more about the characters I would have liked to learn.  I would have liked to enjoy the budding romance between Olivia and Frederick Sterling a  little bit longer and gotten to know the whole story behind the rivalry between the Culp Hotel and family and the Nettleton Hotel and family.  Don't get me wrong, the story was complete even though it was short, but left me wanting to know more.

Olivia and Frederick do not start off liking each other very well, but as they are thrown together at different times they begin to understand and  appreciate each other more and more.  Olivia has a real heart for people and wants to do more with her life than help run the family hotel.  Frederick will help her fulfill at least one of her dreams.  So sit back and enjoy life in Mammoth Spring in the year 1895.

This book was given to me for my reading pleasure and honest review by the author, Regina L. Tittel.  You can read more of her stories by going to

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