Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ANGEL HARP by Michael Phillips

Marie Buchan, an amateur harpist, became a widow at age 34 and is now soon to be 40. She comes to the realization that life is passing her by and decides to follow a dream of hers all the way to the hills and coastal shores of Scotland.  But her longed for summer in Scotland will bring her more than she ever imagined.  The music of her harp will capture the attention of many in the small coastal village she finds herself settling into.  She will also find herself drawn into the lives of the local curate and the local duke and will find herself facing the truth about her life, her Lord and her love of two different men.  Be prepared to travel to Scotland and be drawn into the life of Marie Buchan and others in the quiet local village of Scotland.  You will feel the breeze blowing in from the shores of Scotland and feel yourself there enjoying walks through the fields, right along with Marie.

Michael Phillips, the author, it is said,  "has a unique style of interweaving expansive and thought-provoking spiritual themes with dramatic story lines, memorable characterization, and rich historical settings".  That pretty much sums up what he did here in "Angel Harp". Scotland is considered home for this author for a portion of the year and you can tell this in the reading of this story.  This was not a fast moving story and I had to give myself time to settle in and get the feel of this book, but once I did I had a hard time putting it down as I neared the end.    There is a sequel to this book, "Heather Song" and I look forward to reading it in the very near future.


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