Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Lightkeeper's Daughter

Addie Sullivan has been raised in California with her "parents" caring for a lighthouse. Then one night a storm brings an injured man to their door and shares a secret that changes Addie's life completely. She is really a long lost child who was thought drowned many years ago. Now she has the opportunity to be reunited with her real family, the Eatons. But someone doesn't want Addie to be found. When Addie becomes a governess for young Edward she soon falls in love with his father, John. Without giving any more of the story away, I must say this story had me guessing most of the way through as to who wanted Addie out of the way and who truly was glad to have Addie in the family. It was a really good mystery with some lovely romance thrown in also. I loved Addie and how she just said what she felt and didn't try to put on airs or act a certain way because society expected it of her. She was a great character in the story. I also loved her dog, Gideon!!

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Sherry Kuhn said...

Glad you liked the book.