Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Raven Saint

This author has done it again! She has written a story I have thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes when you read a series of books, one of them doesn't meet your expectations. Not so with this series. They have all been very enjoyable!
Grace Westcott has always thought she was a good person and enjoyed helping others and doing good. When she is kidnapped and taken by a French mercenary, Rafe Dubois, she questions why this is happening to her. Rafe has agreed to deliver her to a man who wants to do her harm. But the journey by ship to Columbia has Rafe doubting his decision to turn her over for money. And the journey is also showing Grace that "good" people are sometimes bad and "bad" people can sometimes turn out to be good. Both Rafe and Grace have alot to learn. I really liked Rafe in this story and how he handled Grace. Their interaction throughout the story was enjoyable to read. I could easily read them all again.

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