Monday, May 10, 2010

A FAMILY FOR KATE by LeAnne Hill (an E-book)

This was just a great feel good story! I loved reading it! Kate finds herself moving from her condo in Seattle, to a rural town in Minnesota to care for her 4 nieces and nephews (their parents died in a tragic accident). She wasn't given custody of the kids, but Jared, who was, is out on assignment somewhere, so Kate steps up and does the job and loves the kids. She isn't exactly "trained" for the Mom job but she does her best. Then Jared shows up. He is the uncle (Jared's brother and Kate's sister were the parents who died). Kate must first break the news to Jared of the accident and then inform him of his parents trying to get control of the kids. The only solution is for Jared and Kate to marry and keep the kids with them. Although it is a marriage for the kids only, Jared has no clue that Kate has loved him from afar for a very long time. The way Jared and Kate interact and the story line leaves you with such a good feeling after reading it. I loved both the characters of Kate and Jared and the honesty they strived to maintain with each other and watching their love for each other grow. I would highly recommend this book. I just wish it were in paperback form.

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