Saturday, May 29, 2010


A story of two different people, trying to be loyal to their fathers. Evan has grown up trying to distance himself from his father, who is an important person in the drug running business. Then there is Andie Ryborg, who loves her Attorny General Dad, Tony Ryborg, and will do anything to keep him in the political race; even not telling him about threats on her life. Evan and Andie are the last people who should have anything in common, but by the end of the story they are brought together in a most unusual way.
I enjoyed reading this book. I must admit I had a hard time at the beginning getting into the story, but it had alot of twists and turns I wasn't expecting in the story and I like that alot. I also thought it ended a little abruptly, but also liked the ending so what can I say. I think you will enjoy reading it. Thanks to Library Thing and Kregel Publication for giving me this book for review.

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