Thursday, May 30, 2013

SEEDS OF SUMMER by Deborah Vogts

This was a story that grows on you the further into the story you go.  I had a hard time getting to know and appreciate Natalie Adams, the key character in this book.  She had her future plans interrupted through the death of her father and just couldn't seem to appreciate all she had in the here and now.

Natalie Adams is a former rodeo queen who thought she had her life figured out and it involved living a life independent of her family's ranch.  Then her father suddenly dies and she finds herself back at the ranch taking care of her two half-siblings and trying to run the ranch.  There is new young pastor in the town, Jared Logan, who gets to know the family through various situations that bring him and the family together.  He tries to help them out, but Natalie has a strong independent nature and really doesn't want or appreciate his help much at first.  Jared has his own struggles in the story as he questions his life as a clergyman and tries to keep his heart from falling for a girl that doesn't seem interested in the things of the Lord.

There was also the hunt for the hidden money at the ranch, and the appearance of someone they all thought had died.  Needless to say, there was always something happening in the story to hold your attention.  People are not perfect and this family did have problems understanding one another and getting along.  Natalie will grow on you, although it took me awhile to like her.  Sometimes our dreams of what we think will make us happy are not really what is best for us and it is a good lesson on being content with wherever God puts you and in whatever situation you find yourself.

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