Saturday, October 11, 2014

AGAINST THE WIND by Bodie & Brock Thoene

I was taken back in time through this story and I found myself on a small boat trying to survive until help arrives.  It is a time of war, where Germany is attacking the British skies, London is being bombed and children are trying to be evacuated to America for safety.  I experienced sadness, hope, and wanting to endure this tragedy.

I liked the way the author kept taking you back in time and letting you read some of Elisa Lindheim Murphy's diary entries.  It helped you in a small way see how she got to where she was at the present in the story.  The people on this small boat, both young and old, you will come to know; some you will like and some you will want to throw overboard.  As it says on the back cover, "Zion Diaries ventures into the lives of the inspiring and intriguing characters who loved intensely, stood up for what was right, and fought boldly during Hitler's rise to power and the dark days of World War II".

This was a hard story to put down once I started, with an ending I wasn't expecting.  I will say no more, except I look forward to more in this series!

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