Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OHIO BRIDES by Cara C. Putman

The three stories written in this one book all take place in the 1940s and are about the Miller family; their two girls and one son.  In book one Josie Miller has just married her sweetheart Art, and now they face the challenges of a new marriage, new job and new city.  It was a good look into how they faced the heartaches and joys that were set before them.  In the second story you find Mark Miller working on a secret project for the war and finding himself drawn to Evelyn Happ who is with the WAVES.  She finds herself working with Mark and they both work together as engineers to help the war effort.  They will battle their feelings for each other as they learn to trust each other.  In story #3 you will fall in love with the youngest Miller, Kat as she makes the All-American Girls Professional Softball League.  Kat will struggle to prove her worth as one of the youngest on the team and also to prove to reporter Jack Raymond that she is more than just a young girl who loves playing ball.

I enjoyed all three stories and getting to know the Miller family.  They were a family that had a love for the Lord and convictions that they lived by and it made a difference in their life.  Each story was different but all had a common thread and that was keeping God in the center of your life and waiting upon Him through difficult situations.  All three had a good love story built in and I enjoyed my time in Dayton, Ohio!

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