Thursday, April 22, 2010

ETERNITY by Staci Stallings

I like the way Staci Stallings writes. This was a good romantic story. Harmony Jordan and Aaron Foster have worked next to each other for years. Aaron has just had his fiance break up with him and Harmony is trying to be there for him as his best friend (even though secretly Harmony loves Aaron, but he doesn't have a clue). When Aaron discovers his new roommate is dating his old fiance (who he knows is a heartbreaker), he decides to use his good friend Harmony to help break up the new romance. So he gets Harmony a "make-over" and sends her out to distract his good friend Drew from falling for the wrong woman. The plan backfires though because he starts to see Harmony in a whole new light and doesn't like the way Drew and Haromny are starting to feel for each other. Is it too late for him to express his true feelings?
This book gets a thumbs up for Harmony and her desire to keep herself pure for when she marries. Drew and Aaron were both guys you learned to like, although both were clueless in some areas of their life. They both respected Harmony's values though and took the relationship slow, instead of dropping her if they didn't get what they wanted. Although I appreciated Haromy's stand for doing the right thing, her reasoning behind it was a little weak. I would not classify this book as "Christian Fiction", but it was a good book and I enjoyed the story.

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