Monday, April 5, 2010

MELODY'S KNIGHT by Bonnie Blythe

Once again Bonnie Blythe writes an enjoyable and fun-loving story. This was a short story, but delightful to read. Purely a romance, but hey, there is nothing wrong with that!
Melody Laurent is single and desparately wanting a husband, kids, the whole package. She is stuck though living alone and watching cowboy movies to keep her entertained. On a chance encounter one evening in the park she meets her new neighbor, Avery (a guy who reminds her of her "cowboy" in the movies). He is a fireman, with a disobedient puppy and who is recovering from a failed romantic interest. There are alot of "chance" meetings which usually end up with them not seeing eye-to-eye on most any topic. Barney, the puppy, throws them together quite a lot and Avery keeps coming to Melody's rescue, but can he ever see her as marraige material. Melody tries all different ways to help him out with this. I enjoyed reading this story and encourage you to read more of Bonnie Blythe.

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