Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Let me start this review with how much I liked the cover and the title. It had me wanting to read the story. This is the 1st book in the Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek. For me this was a lighthearted romance that started slow, but ended well. Two "spunky" sisters head to a mining town to meet and marry men they have only met through letters. Kat and Nell Sinclair arrive in Cripple Creek and it wasn't exactly what they were expecting, but they don't give up easily. Kat finds out her intended is a drunken scroundrel, and Nell can't find her intended anywhere. So the ladies find themselves alone in a wild western town, when a fire breaks out over the town. Kat and Nell jump in to help and find themselves a part of Cripple Creek real quick. Now they must wait on the Lord for answers to their future and for their husbands.

I didn't find anything I disliked about this story, but it also didn't grab me as one of those stories you can't put down till done. It was just a nice romantic read where problems arose, but were quickly worked out and where you pretty much know how things are going to work out, and you just enjoy watching it happen. I will continue to read this series and see what happens to the rest of the Sinclair sisters.

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