Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TOO RICH FOR A BRIDE by Mona Hodgson

The town of Cripple Creek and the folks in it are starting to grow on me, and so are the Sinclair sisters. They each have their own distinct personalities. This was book two in this series and it really is a good idea to read them in order so you get to know the town and the sisters better.

This story was about the oldest Sinclair sister, Ida, who arrives in Cripple Creek ready to be a successful businesswoman in a town that doesn't look favorably on women who involve themselves in the man's business world. Ida has no interest in pursuing a relationship with either Colin Wagner, the lawyer, or Tucker Raines, the preacher, but then sometimes the heart just doesn't listen to ones well laid out plans.

This story was a good sequel to book one and had a lighthearted tone to it, but also dealt with some lessons on forgiveness, family loyalty, and learning to put the right goals first place in ones life. It had alot of good messages woven throughout this story and I enjoyed my time in Cripple Creek and look forward to book 3 (and just learned that there is a book four coming out soon).

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