Friday, June 20, 2014

FIRETHORN by Ronie Kendig

What a great ending to a great series!  This story will keep you on your toes as you try to figure out what went wrong and who is responsible for it and who can you really trust?  No one if safe and new people will be called in to help get the Nightshade team back together.

One of the team members that needs help getting busted out of prison is former marine Griffin Riddell, aka Legend, and covert operative Kazi Faron has been given the task to reassemble the team and she begins with Legend.  She is very good at what she does, but lacks the trust factor and the ability to work as a team with Legend.  He knows her well and tries hard to break down her defenses, but Kazi has a lot of secrets and one of them could get everyone killed.  Legend and Kazi must work together to help get the team safe once again.

From the very first chapter I was taken by surprise and things just seemed to go from bad to worse for the Nightshade team, but strength and honor and the bond between these men (and women) will get them through.  I learned to appreciate all the people in this series.  They were "discarded heroes" but they turned themselves around and became a "band of brothers".  It will be hard to say goodbye to this series.  I appreciate the way the author also wove into her stories the strong spiritual thread that got these men through some very rough times.

If you are thinking of reading this book as a stand alone I would discourage anyone from doing that.  There is so much you need to know about this team of men that it is really a good idea to start at the beginning and read the whole series.  You won't be disappointed.

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