Monday, June 30, 2014

HIS BROTHER'S WIFE by Charlotte S. Snead

I liked this book from the very beginning chapter.  There was a sadness over the senseless death of a loved one, but there was so much tenderness of heart and love between those left behind that you find great joy in reading this book.  The two main characters, Jonathan Carter and Angelique Carter didn't hit it off right away, mainly because Jonathan thought she was a gold digger and only after the family money.  Angelique (who we will call Angie) had married his twin brother, helped him get rehabilitated after his war injuries and then he was suddenly killed by a gang.  Now Angie is trying to make it on her own, pregnant, with no family.  Jonathan never wanted anything to do with this wife of David, but he made a promise to his twin brother to look after her if anything happened to him, so now he must fulfill that promise.  But Angie is hard not to like.  She is a determined lady, full of spunk, but also full of sorrow.  Together they will attempt to get to know one another, and find a common love in the birth of this little baby.

 I fell in love with both these people and thought the author did a great job of bringing them together in a very natural and lovely way.  Jonathan had some wrong opinions of Angie, but Angie also had some snobbish opinions of all people with money.  Together they will bridge that gap and find something wonderful between them.  Through tragic circumstances you will find "courage, triumph, and lasting love".  I highly recommend this story.

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