Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A DECEMBER BRIDE by Denise Hunter

This was a fun quick read.  How quickly a little lie can blow up into a huge misunderstanding.  Layla needs a date to her ex-fiance's wedding..  Seth isn't who she wanted, but he was available and willing.  When the bride and groom ask them  if they are together they quickly cover by saying yes, they are dating and then further entangle themselves when a December wedding is mentioned.  Because of her "engagement" to Seth, he convinces a big client to look at her work and possibly give her a job with his agency.  It would jump start her "fledgling home-staging business".  So the couple must put up with each other, which won't prove hard for Seth, who has cared about Layla for a long time.  Now this is his chance to make their fake wedding plans become a reality.

I enjoyed myself while reading this.  It was enjoyable watching Seth do his best to make this work and Layla doing her best to try to get out of an awkward situation.  Together these two will finally turn their deception into a beautiful love story with a happily ever after ending.

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