Saturday, July 12, 2014

THE PROMISE by Kathleen Sherwood

I loved this story!  It was a story about not casting judgement upon someone without knowing all the facts; of letting your light shine before men that they will see your goods works and glorify God; of keeping a commitment to God (as a young woman) to wait until marriage before having a physical relationship with a man; of how important it is to have a firm foundation of faith so you have something to lean on when tragedy strikes.  I say well done on telling this story Kathleen Sherwood!

Connor Christianson is a successful New York lawyer who promises his younger brother on his death bed that he will find his child that he has never seen and take care of her and tell the mother he is sorry.  Connor sets out to find and take care of the child, but is mad that the mother wasn't there with the child at the end of his brother's life, and he plans to get custody of this little one.

Kaley Mills if trying to get her life on track as she raises her young daughter Macie.  She works at a diner at night and goes to school during the day to become a teacher.  When a stranger enters the diner one night it will be the beginning of a different kind of life for Kaley and for Connor.  Connor is a bitter man and Kaley will have a tough time softening his heart with her life style and witness for her Lord.  They both have broken pasts and will find themselves drawn to each other by a love that is strong and true.

I fell in love with the story from the very beginning.  I was so glad the story continued on even after Connor and Kaley finally got together.  There was so much love and understanding between these two.  The growing and sharing and openness they finally found with each other was refreshing.  I grew quite found of these two and of little Macie and the other characters in this story.  There were unexpected things that happened in this story that I wasn't expecting and I always like to be surprised.  A book I can easily see myself reading all over again!  All in all I highly recommend this story and this author.

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