Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HEAVEN SENT by Colleen Coble, Jill Stengl, Tracie J. Peterson, Andrea Boeshaar

This was four very different historical stories filled with romance, but also filled with a very clear biblical view of what it means to be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I was thrilled with the way each author brought out the importance of believing, having faith and trusting in the Lord to get you through tough times.  I am not sure which story I liked best, because there were certain aspects of each story that was special to me as I read them.

In "The Cattle Baron's Wife" set in the late 1800's you have Lucy Stanton trying to make a life for herself and her siblings when a mysterious man comes along and offers her a home in exchange for marrying his son, Caleb in Wichita, Texas.  Lucy is desperate and accepts the offer and finds herself in Texas with a husband who is furious at her and at his father.  But marriage is for keeps and they both will find true value in one another. A favorite quote from this story, "God loves us for who we are, Margaret.  We can't work our way to His love.  That doesn't work here on this earth, either.  You either love someone for who they are, or you can forget it.  Love that is earned is no love at all.  It won't last."

In "Myles from Anywhere" Myles Trent left a promising future at home at a young age and never looked back.  Now he is falling for the boss's daughter, Beulah, but knows he is not worthy of her and has a past that can separate him from the woman he loves.  Forgiveness is there for the taking, Myles just needs to surrender.  Favorite quote from this story when Myles is questioning why God doesn't prevent evil or crush wicked people,  "There are things we won't know until we reach eternity.  You see, Myles, our faith is based not upon what God does but upon Who He is.  God tells us that He is just, loving, merciful.  We must take Him at His word and know that He will do what is best.  He doesn't explain Himself.  He doesn't guarantee prosperity and good health.  But He does promise to be with us always, guiding and directing our lives for His purpose.  Once you place your faith in Him, you will discover, as I have, that He never fails, never disappoints.  He will give you perfect peace if you will accept it."

Then there is "Logan's Lady" where the prim and proper "English folk" arrive in America to journey by horseback into Estes Park, Colorado.  Logan is the guide for this group of uppity folk, including Lady Amelia Amhurst who is being forced into an arranged marriage by her father and has no faith whatsoever in God.  Logan will have his hands full with enduring this group of whiners, but Amelia will stand out in the crowd and take to the rugged life in Colorado.  Logan will just have to work on her unbelief in God and he is up for the challenge.  I would give a favorite quote here but feel my review is getting a little long right about now.

In "The Unmasked Heart"  Angie Huntington has had a past she is trying to forget and a future she is looking forward to with the charming sea captain Garrett Witherspoon.  When Paden Montano shows up as Garrett's cousin, Angie is fearful.  Paden is the man who helped rescue her from her past.  Now she must face whether or not to tell Garrett about it and have him reject her, or continue to live a lie.  She must also come to terms with whether she truly loves Garrett, or has feelings for Paden, a secret Pinkerton man.  Both men will strive for her affection but only one will win in the end.

All in all this was a special volume of stories that I enjoyed very much and would recommend to anyone wanting to read inspirational, historical, romantic fiction.  Enjoy!

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