Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WOLFSBANE by Ronie Kendig

What a great series this has been!  The first two books in this series have been great, but this one so far is my favorite.  The fast-paced, gripping action going on makes you want to stay glued to your story until the very end.  The "Nightshade" team of soldiers are a group of men that live up to a code of honor, but who also all have secrets and tragedies in their lives that they are learning to deal with.

In this story former Green Beret medic Canyon "Midas" Metcalfe is going to have to learn how to handle a feisty Dani Roark, who was with the Army Corps of Engineers when she was captured in Venezuela, taken into captivity into the jungle for 6 months, managed to escape with her life and some secrets and now is being accused of espionage and must return to Venezuela to  prove her innocence.

A lot will go wrong on this Nightshade mission and there is a lot of family issues and heartache to deal with, a broken promise that will need to be resolved and a lot of courage and strength in people will be revealed.  In the midst of all this there is a strong bond of love that will hold together until the very end in this gripping action packed adventure that will leave you wanting to read more.  This series has grown better and better and I anxiously await the next book, "Firethorn".

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