Saturday, September 18, 2010

FEAR NO EVIL by Robin Caroll

This was another good suspenseful story in this series. Lincoln Vailes (a former Smoky Mountain park ranger) finds himself a new police officer deep in Louisiana, having moved there to be close to his ailing father and his mother. Eternal Springs is a small town where not much happens, but the beginning of the story starts out with a hurricane and it just keeps moving at a fast pace from then on.
Jade Laurent is a new social worker who is out to make a difference in peoples lives because her childhood saw abuse firsthand from her Dad. What brings Jade and Lincoln together at first is her passionate and forceful way she had of keeping a drunk husband from getting into the women's shelter to get his wife and kid back. From that moment on Jade's life seems to get complicated, because it looks like someone is out to due her harm. But who? And why are gang members from Philly showing up in their town and getting killed? Somehow it must relate to Jade's troubles. It is a mystery Lincoln needs to figure out before it is too late.
This was a fast paced book which keeps you reading to see what happens next. Robin Caroll is a very good story teller; she deals with hard subjects, but does it in a very good way. There are two characters in this book who both came from similar hardships; one let it make them a better person and the other one didn't make as wise of choices. There was alot of good lessons to learn about our God in this book. Good job Robin!

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