Wednesday, September 22, 2010

THE PRICE OF TRUST by Amanda Stephan

This is Amanda Stephans first book, and I think she definitely has the gift to write! I appreciated this book for many reasons, the way she weaved the gospel message into this story, the importance of prayer throughout the story, and the way her characters relied on God, even through tough times, without blaming Him for everything bad that happened to them.
Carly Richards finds herself pulling into a small town in Montana with a car that finally dies on her. She needs a place to live, a job, and for her ex-fiance not to find her this time so he can drag her back to Texas and abuse her again. She finds a job at the local hardware store where the owners take her under their wing and also give her a small room above the store. At first Carly resists the friendliness of those in this small town, but the kind people around her begin to soften her heart and she learns to trust folks again. Joe Baird has also slowly been making progress with Carly and the two of them just seem to hit it off right from the start with their teasing and fun-loving humor. It was just enjoyable to watch their friendship quickly turn into love. But Carly's past will soon catch up to her and it won't be pretty when it happens.
I will be putting this story on my favorites list of books I have read. It was just a delight to see the people in this book live out their faith and put their trust in God. (The only thing I would change is the cover of the book; I didn't think it did justice to the story.)
I would like to thank Amanda Stephan for sending me her book and allowing me to review it for her. I am one of the lucky ones who has had the privilege to read this book, and hope many more will.

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Amanda Stephan said...

Wow Judy, thanks for the awesome review! And thank you for taking the time to read it. Blessings to you!