Sunday, September 19, 2010

SWEETWATER GAP by Denise Hunter

Denise Hunter has written another great story. I enjoyed reading this very much. It is a story of how someone's guilt can affect the way they live their life and how they treat the ones they love. Until someone can understand God's redeeming love, guilt can take away all joy.
Josie Mitchell has traveled everywhere but back home, to their families apple orchard business. Until her brother-in-law calls her one day and tells her her sister Laurel needs her to come home and help run the orchard so that Laurel can take care of herself and her pregnancy. Josie has no choice but to go home to help out, but facing what happened years ago at the orchard, is something she can't do, and keeping her health a secret is something she must do. She also wasn't counting on Grady Mackenzie, the orchard's new manager. They of course don't hit it off at first, but both of them end up sharing the hurts from their past and falling for each other. Grady's feeling for Josie near the end of the book were precious to read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and think you will too!

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