Sunday, September 5, 2010

TEXAS ROADS, by Cathy Bryant

This was a feel-good, delightful book. It is book one of the Miller's Creek series and I look forward to reading the next book in this series. Dani (short for Danielle) has grown up in Dallas, but has never felt "at home" there. She has never had a close relationship with her parents and finds herself visiting her Aunt Beth in Miller's Creek, Texas over Spring Break (she is a teacher), just to get away. What she discovers there is the feeling of "home". The town is dying and the mayor and ranch owner, Steve Miller is trying to do everything possible to keep their town from "dying". Steve has a special bond with "Mama Beth" as everyone calls her, so when Dani comes for a visit and decides she wants to stay, and help out the town, Steve gets a little suspicious.
This story had alot of secrets, and things hidden. I think a sentence in the book sums it up for all the characters in this story; "victory and growth don't come through an easy life, but from struggle." Mama Beth, Dani, Steve, they all had to struggle through things and they all come out on the other side victorious and growing in their walk with their Lord. A story you will feel good about after having read it.

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