Saturday, May 28, 2011


I don't think my review of Jeanette Windle's two books set in Afghanistan can fully explain how good they really are and how much I learned and understand the inner struggles of the people and their lifestyle. Although you can read this book as a stand alone; I do not recommend doing it, because you will miss so much of what happened in book one, "Veiled Freedom". This story is also about Amy Mallory, a relief worker who is trying to make a difference in the lives of the women and children in Afghanistan. Then there is Steve Wilson, who is looking for something to believe in while he works for a security task force in Afghanistan. There is also Jamil, a man who has endured so much from his country and who has renounced his country's religion when he reads of the life-changing message of Jesus. All three of these characters are intertwined within this story. There is so much to learn while reading this story, and so many emotions that you will feel while reading; the culture, the lifestyles, the corruption, the tragedy, the hope and the love.

At the back of the book there is a conversation with the author and I think she summed up the overall theme of this book really good when she asked this question: "if trillions of dollars in aid, all the weapons the West can bring to bear, and a lot of genuine goodwill aren't enough to bring about lasting peace and democracy, then what is the true source of freedom? Can outsiders ever truly purchase freedom for another culture or people?" I think she answers these questions very well in these two books. I know I can't adequately express my appreciation after reading these stories, but I know I have come away with my eyes opened to a culture and a people that I feel I have gotten to know and can understand and pray for better. A special thanks goes to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book to review.

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