Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This book was full of history, but was done in such a way that even if you aren't into history, you enjoyed reading about it because the story line was so well done. There was romance too, but it wasn't the central part of this story. Courage and the ability to stand for what you know to be right, despite the dangers and persecutions you might face was the theme of this story and done very well.

Liberty, Indiana was a stop on the Underground Railroad operated by Quaker abolitionists. In this story Anna Brent and her father are a part of this underground railroad for slaves wanting to escape to Canada and be free. Daniel Stanton is Liberty's newspaper editor and is very outspoken against the way slaves are treated. When a slave owner comes to town to find a runaway slave girl and her baby things heat up. I was saddened the way some people treated other people just because the skin color was darker. I was mad at times, ashamed and sad at other times. My heart went out to the slaves and what some of them had to endure. The courage and bravery of others though had me rejoicing and rooting for them. This was not a lighthearted easy to read romance book, but it is well worth reading. I am glad I did!

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