Sunday, April 8, 2012

COULD I HAVE THIS DANCE? by Harry Krause, M.D.

"Claire McCall is used to fighting back against the odds; after discovering her father has Huntington's Disease, Claire is afraid to test herself and possibly lose her internship at the hospital. While Claire moves from trying to win God's favor to a realization of his grace, her engagement dissolves, she fights a malpractice suit, and she finds someone wants her dead." (one of the book's descriptions taken off the internet)
This was a gripping story of the life of an intern, Claire McCall. I felt the grueling requirements of her goal to become a surgeon; the determination it takes, the competitiveness to be the best so you can succeed, the sacrifices and choices one must make. There was alot of medical jargon going on in this story and although I didn't understand it all, I felt this just made the story that much more realistic. The title of this book was very cleverly chosen and I was taken in a whole different direction than I thought I would go with this title.

Claire McCall makes some wrong decisions in her life, just like we all do, but watching her struggles really made you think about some of the choices we all make in our life and how sometimes we put the Lord on the back burner. The ending to this story was very fast paced and unexpected by me. I began to figure things out near the end but wasn't really expecting it to play out the way it did. I don't know how I would have handled the whole disease issue in this book. Do you take the test and know the outcome of your life, or not take the test and live your life each day as it comes? Does the truth set you free?? I don't want to give alot of the story line away, but I will say that I enjoyed myself and found my heart racing near the end. If you want a good gripping story of life in the medical world, along with some romance and a good mystery to unravel, then I recommend you pick up this book and read it. There are two other books in this series and I plan to read them soon.

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